Friday, February 13, 2009

Off on the adventure...

So, I've decided after giving a lecture on "managing your online presence" to my students (I teach an undergrad research and business writing course), that it might be a neat idea to start a blog about this fantastic experience that I have coming up. For the first time ever (as a doctoral student, no less) I will be doing an official study abroad trip! As someone who loves to travel and loves to learn, it's a wonder that it took me this long. Regardless, I'm getting to go and I'm beyond thrilled about it.

As a UF Gator, I'm able to participate in a group study abroad experience to three cities in France (Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux). I'll be traveling with the group for four weeks during May 2009 and plan to chronicle my experiences related to the trip in this blog - two new experiences rolled into one! I hope you enjoy reading!

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