Sunday, May 3, 2009

Landed in London

I am absolutely not kidding when I tell you that I landed at Heathrow airport this morning at 5:30. Yes, in the morning. Wow.... You would think the entire world wouldn't be awake at that hour, and really there were only two customs officers on duty at immigration! But as I moved further and further through the airport and towards the Underground, more people appeared and I began to have hope that trains would at least be running by the time I needed one. Indeed they did, and I arrived not long after 7:30 at Liza and Nick's house in Wandsworth. Liza is a friend of mine from college and after I visited her here in London last summer, I knew if I was going to be traveling through London this summer I had to make time to see her and her fiance Nick.

So, upon arrival I promptly fell into "my" bed - we had such a good time together last summer when I visited that I stayed the night and experienced the fluffy, feathery goodness of the spare room - and took a much needed nap as I got virtually no sleep on the plane...all the excitement, I suppose.... After breakfast and tea, I took a shower in the amazing, glorious shower Liza and Nick have in their flat (see photo - AMAZING SHOWER) was difficult to turn off the water and get out....

We walked to Putney for a pub lunch and a walk through some shops where I looked for a replacement pair of jeans since the ones I wore on the plane over decided to pick this morning to split because they're old (no, not because they don't fit - because they wore out!). Didn't find any, but found a Starbuck's where they wouldn't accept my cash because it was too old (no joke - Nick told me that they change the logos on the bills every 5 years or so to discourage forgery). When Mom and Dad came for a for a visit earlier this semester, they brought some British currency that they hadn't used on their last trip. Uh, apparently I can get it changed at a bank, but come on! It's CASH!! Ok, whatever...I got my coffee so I was happy....

Now we're back at the flat for a rest and will prepare for a night of fun where we drink red wine and eat homemade pizza - could it get any better?! More tomorrow maybe....although Liza and Nick have the day off (it's a Bank Holiday) so we may be out on the town having fun....

Love from London!


  1. Karen,

    I am glad that you arrived safely. We miss you around here as it is quirt and no one to make us laugh, but quickly realized that I can read your blog to laugh. You are so funny, I hope the new jeans hold out better!!!

    Have fun in London, keep sending messages as it will be exciting to keep up with you during yoru endeavors! Stay safe!


  2. London! Yay! I completely love London, and that shower looks fab. Glad you made it over the pond.