Tuesday, June 2, 2009


There were some differences this time when we arrived in Paris...most significantly there were two things. We got fewer nasty looks in the Metro because we actually kind of knew our way around (please realize that kind of is a big qualifier) and as I mentioned before, there were TONS more tourists! It was neat to not be the people on the street staring at the map and arguing about which way to go....ok, we learned to argue before we set out on an excursion and not on the street, but that's something!

On Friday, our group had a tour of the Louvre. As one of the largest art museums in the world, no tour could possibly hope to cover all the "important" or interesting pieces in the place, but Julian, our very funny British guide did an excellent job hitting some of the highest points. Unfortunately for me, I had neglected to realize that my camera battery had died. Grrrr! So, until some of my friends from the trip get to posting their photos from that day, I'm photoless for Louvre visit #2. No matter, I'll post some once I've gotten them!

After our tour, we headed to Montmartre for our final group dinner. On the way up, the sun was shining, although a heavy breeze sprang up rather quickly. We met the rest of our group, many of whom had dressed up for the occasion (I couldn't be bothered as I was so tired for some reason) and lots and lots of photos were taken! It is apparently a very American thing to do to get all of your friends in a photo and have everyone smile....

On Saturday, some friends and I took our time and got started mid-morning for Montmartre again. The sun was out again and we trekked up to Sacre Cour and then around the area where the local artists put out their wares. Distracted by hunger, we sought out lunch amid the massive throngs of people. After beer and quiche, we said goodbye to some of our little group and then made our way back down to the Metro and "home" again to our hotel.

I was pretty exhausted that afternoon, so after a brief rest and then our final happy hour of the trip, I opened the window of my hotel room, sat on my behind and waded through some emails while "watching" a movie on iTunes...very boring last evening!

Sunday morning I got up to say goodbye to the group and then made off for Gare du Nord and my Eurostar train to London. I was sad to leave Paris, but not sorry as I was heading on to see dear, dear friends - the Collinses, specifically my friend for life, Chaska! Next up....arriving in London....

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